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Professional adaptation for Newcomers in Canada

  • Full service career coaching & resume writing support
  • Educational coaching.
  • Help with Wes-evaluation of your diploma
Expert Guidance for Work-Related Challenges

All answers in one place to your questions 'How to'

Secure a Job

with current skills and knowledge, to gain valuable work experience in a local company, and obtain recommendations

Work in your Field

everything required to work in Canada in your profession: diploma verification, obtaining a license, or further education


choose new proffession, find affordable training, temporary work and  improve language skills. Balance work with studying

Prepare for job interviews

create a resume, cover letter, and ace interviews. Let`s optimize the job search process

Feeling a bit lost in Canada?

We get it. In Canada, compared to Ukraine, everything is fundamentally different – it’s a whole new dimension. Your head might spin, with constant pressure from concerns about survival and providing your children essentials.

We are ready to help

We understand how tough it is because we’ve walked the path of newcomers ourselves: from crisis to a successful career. That’s why at Go2Goal we’ve developed a range of services to ease the adaptation process for сompatriots in Canada.

Career coaching for immigrants by Go2Goal

This is the development of a job placement and career growth strategy based on statistical research of the job market in Canada and your skills and abilities.

Embrace Your Career Potential

Our services for all

Our coaching gets results for all ages, career stages & all industries - from space exploration to medicine.

Try our Career Guidance

How it works

Together with you, we conduct strategic career development planning in Canada. We assist in selecting career development options. Grounded in statistics, we provide you with an understanding of the local job market and your position within it as a professional. We meticulously craft an action plan and create a roadmap for your professional growth in Canada

1 step

Free Intro Call

10-15 minute introductory zoom-call. Identify your needs, strengths & abilities in-depth with our career coach. You'll understand how to overcome stress and get an answer "What to do next?"
2 step

Initial Career Guidance: 3 session & Tailored career path matching


One-to-one coaching for career development planning with further detailing. Selection of options for your professional development in Canada by our experts (potential career paths, educational courses, etc.). Discussion and selection of the most suitable option.

3 step

Full support (the session count varies individually)


Moving towards the goal set during our first two meetings. We detail the most suitable career development option by breaking it into stages. Defining deadlines and areas of responsibility, we create an Action Map. Initiating concrete steps.


Go2Goal is a place where everyone is focused on results - the happy life of personality. Currently, the company offers 5 types of services: coaching for personal transformation, career and business coaching, professional trainings as well as educational services and assistance with immigrant adaptation in Canada.

Our benefits

Few Reasons to Choose Us

We have a strong grasp of the trends in the Canadian job market and the most sought-after professions in various provinces, as well as the challenges faced by newcomers. A large number of immigrants have benefited from our programs and have been able to find their place in Canada or beyond. Our experienced psychologists and coaches have diplomas from top universities and scientific degrees. 

The founder and head coach of Go2Goal, Irina Kobets, along with our team, have built a strong network of partnerships with educational institutions across different parts of Canada over the course of 20 years. This allows us to select diverse educational programs at affordable prices. Each of these partners has their own employment center for students.

Free online intro meetings

We do speak ukrainian

Expert coaches & psychologist

Extensive knowledge of the Canadian job market

Comprehensive connections with numerous educational institutions

together on the path to human success

Our Partners

Cooperation with partners from more than 22 countries. Main countries of partnership are Canada, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia, Poland, Malta and others