Currently, the company offers 5 types of services: coaching for personal transformation, career and business coaching, professional trainings as well as educational services and assistance with immigrant adaptation in Canada.

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About Us

Our coaching gets results for all ages, career stages & all industries

Go2Goal Inc. Training Company was founded in 2018 by Irina Kobets – master of psychology and an ICF coach. The company’s aim is to assist individuals with their personal and professional development. In that same year, Mss. Kobets patented 2 of her training programs on personal transformation and career development, which are now registered in the US Congress Library.

Since then, hundreds of people from different countries, educational backgrounds, and English language proficiency levels have achieved success through these programs and with the help of private coaching sessions, retreats, educational webinars, specialized camps, and other company activities.

Today Go2Goal is a well-coordinated team of specialists who are passionate about their work.

About Founder​

Founder and ideological inspirer of Go2Goal Inc.is Iryna Kobets.

  • M.Eng and MSc, ICF coach, рsychologist. She specializes in deep therapy, psycho-correction, group therapy, art therapy, and drama therapy. With 8 years of experience in private practice
  • Over 20 years - CEO of 3 educational and cultural organizations including non-profit organization

Over 20 years she have been helping children choose a profession and find the best educational institution anywhere in the world to realize their potential. She works with almost all government and half of the private educational institutions in the country, from Toronto to Vancouver.
Member of the Rotary International. Was nominated in the top 100 WOMAN list as the influential woman of Ukraine in KIDS industry.

We are glad to be helpful

Our team

We are an experienced and cohesive team of professionals who provide full support on your path to personal and career development.

We strive to create an internationally recognized service within the walls of our company, utilizing the most progressive career guidance methods, effective language programs, and seeking out the most innovative universities and in-demand professional fields that offer the best salaries.

All of our experts are constantly learning, traveling to partner educational institutions, and enhancing their skills and expertise. Therefore, you can confidently entrust them with all the technical details, so that you can focus on the main thing – personal therapy, education and self-realization.

Our mission and principles of work

Our mission is to help our clients find their true calling and achieve career fulfillment, becoming creators of their own success stories.

Thanks to Iryna Kobets' sequential transformative trainings for personal and career growth and individual sessions, we help unlock the potential of every person who comes to us for help. Our team also creates conditions for each client to find resources and take real steps towards achieving their goals.

together on the path to human success

Our Partners

Cooperation with partners from more than 22 countries. Main countries of partnership are Canada, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia, Poland, Malta and others