May 27 2023 - Aug 27 2023

The Uniqueness of You – Transformation training


$150 per month

“Who once found himself, he cannot lose anything in this life.
And who once understood the person in himself, he understands all people.” (Stefan Zweig)

Join us on an exciting journey of self-discovery! The Uniqueness of You group coaching program is a 90-day personal transformation course that will help you form new habits and reframe your worldview. Over the 90 days, you’ll gain a better understanding of your purpose and try to unleash your uniqueness. The training involves weekly meetings and homework assignments in a closed group, where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your impressions and receive feedback from the coach and other participants. Our private chat group provides a platform for communication, sharing new tasks, and access to helpful literature.

After completing the program, you will:

  • Understand your character, discover your strengths, and hidden qualities
  • Gain insights into your relationships with yourself and the world, and unlock your potential for growth
  • Say goodbye to limiting beliefs
  • Understand the path and methods of personal growth and development
  • Set measurable and achievable goals using the SMART methodology
  • Develop the necessary skills to achieve success
  • Feel empowered, strong, and courageous to take the first steps forward.

If you’re looking to find yourself and see what you’re capable of, we invite you to join our training program from May 15th to August 15th. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform and realize your dreams!

The author of the methodology is Irina Kobets – Master of Psychology, ICF coach, and specialist in deep psychocorrection with 8 years of experience. The training is her patented development, registered in the Library of Congress in the USA.

All video recordings of coaching sessions are stored and will remain with you forever.

P.S.:Some of the money will go towards volunteer work carried out by our partner organizations to help ukrainians affected by the war.

How will the training be conducted?

Online group coaching session
Work in messenger group

communication in a closed group chat, support from coach, feedback, and discussions on new assignments and literature